Complex mobility cutomized to your needs

Our company as a subsidiary of ITK Holding Ltd. provides compley and personalized services related to mobility for its State partners, municipal and economical partners. The public transportation system of Budapest, Debrecen and Kecskemét is supported by our activities as transportation integrator and operator and from 2021 we have joined the public trensportation service in Esztergom and Székesfehérvár as subcontractors. We consider it’s important being able to meet the unique expectations of our partners at the highest possible level with sustainable, flexible and innovative solutions, namely all forms of transportation of soccerclubs / private events /company gathering.

Complex transport service

INTER TAN-KER Ltd. has been serving its partners for almost two decades in the spirit of continuous development, reliability and sustainability. In the case of individual service we consider extremely important to be able to fully harmonize our principles with the expectations of our partners.  To achieve this goal we have our subsidiary, the Inter Traction Electrics Ltd., which provides modern vehicles meeting all expectations with innovative solutions and continuous improvements. As a result of the cooperation between the two companies, we are able to provide a transparent, cost-effective, stable service for our partners from the manufacturing to the daily operation of public transport.

1.200 billion+

passenger cases

128 million+

kilometers behind us

10+ years in publlic

transportation service

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of vehicles

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